The 300th-year anniversary of Benjamin Franklin's birth (1706-2006) marked the national celebration honoring the life and enduring legacy of one of our most remarkable founding fathers.

Explore this site to find out about the celebration, to learn about the traveling library exhibition Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World, to investigate the interactive exhibition timeline, to find an array of educational materials, to learn about Franklin’s material world, to read what Ben says, and more...

The legacy of Franklin's 300th birthday is being continued by Franklin & Marshall College.

Lesson Plans

Access interdisciplinary lesson plans that explore Franklinian themes across K-12 curricula. Ben Across the Curriculum is a set of interdisciplinary lesson plans, keyed to appropriate national standards.

Franklin Artifacts

Visit this virtual museum of artifacts related to Franklin to explore Franklin objects, portraits of him, and much more.

Franklin Trivia

Discover fun and little known facts about Franklin. You’ll be surprised by what you learn! Did you know that Ben had two birthdays?...

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