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Curious about the most widely published memoir of all time?  Maybe you can find some inspiration by reading Franklin’s Autobiography for yourself ...You can find the full text at all three sites below.
(Archiving Early America. Archiving Early America)

Full-text of Franklin’s Autobiography , divided into fourteen chapters and including facsimile of the title page from the first edition.
(Arts Faculty of Gronigen University. From Revolution to Reconstruction…and What Happened Afterwards 2004)

Full-text of Franklin’s Autobiography in a single file (html format), adapted from the printed version edited by Charles W. Eliot, L.L.D. (New York: P.F. Collier and Son Company, 1909)
(Iowa State University. EServer . 1990)

Full-text of Franklin’s Autobiography , divided into eight parts and including Charles W. Eliot’s introduction to the 1909 edition, a timeline of events in Franklin’s life, and a list of web resources.

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