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Amal Saber's Autobiography (submitted 5/3/06)

Not that bad

Have you ever thought about your life? how it has changed into something bigger or perhaps even smaller? My name is Amal Saber and my life has certainly changed into something bigger. It's hard living with a family of nine and on top of that, always being the one stuck in the middle or in trouble. And to make things even more hectic I'm mixed and muslim. OK, let's go back to the baby years. The years when everything was pretty much sure and steady. Now me being the fifth child in a all girl family, my parents sure did have other things to worry about, like my other sisters that were growing into their teenage years. Now as a child I wasn't all that bad, but then plops out Aliyah and Aly. They're the two that started all of the trouble. They constantly fight and terrorize my life into drama. My family is quite conflicted but wonderful. Being the middle child means responsibility, yes, but it's also fun and exiting too. It's like everyone expects you to be the bad one, so you are and it's really fun. So I'm half black and half Egyption, plus muslim. I get alot of questions about religon and culture. But in the end it's all worth it because I love my religon and it says who I am and that I'm special because of it. I'm proud as well. Well, that's my life, the life of Amal Saber.

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