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Suzanne Matarese's Autobiography (submitted 5/4/06)

I am the married mom of four who has been an active member of the Pennsbury School District for 14 years. My devotion to my children has been the driving force for me to hold various volunteer positions that have allowed me to make their childhood a fun and educational experience. Over the years, I have taught CCD, led Daisy and Brown Troops, played chauffer and confidant, nurse-maid and teacher, held PTO committee positions and executive board positions including Co-President of two schools. I am one of the founding members of Keep Students First which is an educational advocacy group whose primary focus is ensuring a quality public school education for all the children of Pennsylvania. I am proud of my accomplishments and passing on good morals and values to my children. Each day is a learning experience. The legacy I would like to leave for my children is one of hard work, good morals and values. The old cliche "don't judge a book by its cover" is what my husband and I have tried to convey to our children. Beauty is skin deep but what is inside; the kind of person you are; what you can offer to the world; helping others to take pride in themselves and strive to be a better person; that is the true measure of a person. My greatest and dearest treasure is my family and friends. It is thanks to their love and support I have the courage to step up and make a difference.

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