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Theresa O'Brien's Autobiography (submitted 5/5/06)

We walked to and from school, twice a day, going home to eat lunch. Mom usually made us soup, but sometimes we had a grilled cheese or bologna and cheese sandwich. Every morning and afternoon going to Poe School, my sister, Patty, and I had two rituals. One was to race to the phone booth outside of Bowman's Drug Store on Snyder Avenue to see who could check the coin return first. Out of all the times we looked, there was only money in the slot one time. It was a nickel. Then, you could actually make a phone call for ten cents. The other ritual was to run up one side of St. Ed's Church steps and down the other side. One morning I was on my way to first grade when I realized I forgot to bring my show-and-tell. Patty thought she had a brilliant idea. She found a candy wrapper on the ground from Spree candies. In 1965, Spree came in a rectangle shaped bag. On the bag was a picture of a man and a woman on lounge chairs on the beach. Patty said, "Here, you can take this wrapper and say these are your cousins when they visited Hawaii." You would think since Patty is older, I would have agreed with her that her idea was brilliant. But, I didn't. I thought she was out of her mind. I shot her a look of disbelief and then we both laughed. Today, we still laugh together at the memories we share of our walks to and from school. Patty can't believe I remember that show-and-tell day, but I do. I also remember a lot more.

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