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Anna Saklad's Autobiography (submitted 5/8/06)

December was freezing with dangling icicles, blanketed white snow, and smoke with each breath. No school! It was an early Monday morning in December when I called my best friend Cristi and pronounced that it was a Snow Day. I hung up the phone and ran to my room. I pulled everything I would need to stay warm. My jacket could barely fit around my body as I stumbled outside of my house.
As I took my first step outside, fluffy snow engulfed my boots within seconds. The busy street that I had crossed everyday was lifeless and dead. The snow was already up to my knees and was not stopping anytime soon. The wind whipped my face with a sharp sting. The bitter temperature and wet droplets bit my face. As I walked, I began to feel the cold slither through my clothes and onto my warm skin. Once I saw Cristi, an unbelievable relief came upon me. I was just imagining the warmth and tenderness of the heat once it touched my face; the thick hot chocolate sliding down my throat and warming my whole body.
Cristi appeared in the midst of snow, and for that second my stomach dropped. I was relieved knowing that I was not going to freeze any longer. I pinned her to the sheet of snow and smashed her face into to it. She stared and me gave me a look I will never forget. Her face was bright red, and I could not help but laugh. We got up and began to go on our way home. Although friendship is about love and trust, it's also about having fun and being able to be yourself.

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