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Joseph Sidorski's Autobiography (submitted 5/8/06)

It was Tuesday night and we were on our way to the concert. It was the Armor for Sleep concert, featuring Chiodos, Boys Night Out, and Action Reaction. When we got in there, Action Reaction were playing, but they were not as great as I thought they would be. When they were done, we ran to the front because Chiodos was coming up next. Right after they started playing, a huge hole appeared in the middle of the TLA. People were being toppled over left and right. There were massive waves of legs and arms being thrown in every direction. Then the crowd ceased moving, and they were done with their first song. Before they could get a chance to begin a new song, I ran to the middle of the crowd so I could get a better look. Once it started, the hole appeared again. I knew if I went in I would get hurt, so I decided just to watch it. They were about to play their last song. The hole began to appear again. Before I even knew it, someone pushed me in. I tried to keep myself from being trampled on. Once I turned my head, Bam! I got punched right in the jaw. The punch was so hard that I spun in the air and then smashed into the ground like a boulder. I could not see a thing, my eyes felt useless. I tried getting up, but no luck. Once I got on my feet I started to get my vision back, but I was left with a horrible headache. After the pain went away I listened to Chiodos play their last few seconds left in the song. Chiodos were amazing live. They left the deepest mark on me; my face tells it all.

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