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Maria Plantic's Autobiography (submitted 5/8/06)

We've all had our share of hardships and struggles but we've also had our share of accomplishments and achievements. In my life so far I've experienced a number of all of these things, and I know there is much more to come. My childhood, I feel, can be seen as terrible in some ways but beneficial in many other ways. In either view it's been tough to say the least.
From the time I was born until I was about seven years old everything was almost perfect. I had the normal family life and I spent a lot of time with my grandparents and cousins, which is how I learned to speak Italian. While I was in first grade, my mom was pregnant with my younger brother. While she was pregnant with him, she suffered an aneurysm. She was hospitalized and went through life-threatening surgery. She slipped into a coma, and all the while my father was cheating on her. Since I was only seven, I didn't understand the full severity of the situation, but I knew I could lose my mom and new baby brother. We were fortunate, and my mom pulled through and gave birth to my brother. Although we were happy, my father and my mother got divorced. This was tough on me because my father seemed to stop caring about us all together and he lost contact with me and my brother. Since then he hasn't paid for our support and we haven't seen him. Even though this was very difficult, the rest of my family stepped up. My uncles and my grandfather all became father figures for us, and helped my mom through hard times. Without their help and guidance I'm not sure I'd be the same today. I'm grateful for my many blessings.

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