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Lauren Harkins's Autobiography (submitted 5/9/06)

Funniest Time Of My Life

When I was about 10, it was around Thanksgiving and this is when all my family comes together. This year we went to my aunt's old house and that house is really tiny compared to her new one and we had to fit about 15 to 20 people in there. So there were people in the kitchen, the dinning room, and even the living room, it was so cramped it felt like you were eating right on top of everyone, it was crazy. After we were done eating we had to hurry up and clean so we all could just relax watching t.v. but instead of watching t.v. my uncle, Mike, decided to go play darts so we went down to the basement which is even smaller compared to the upstairs. So we are all crowded down there but the guys wouldn't let us girls play so we went up stairs. Next thing we know my little brother comes up with a dart in his head, but that's not funny part, the funny part is that when my brother went to throw it he got it stuck in the back of his head. The funniest part of that day was when that my uncle had a little to much to drink and we were watchin E.R. on channel ten and he got really into it and he thought he was one of the doctor so when he went to leave my aunt's he goes, "Lauren, I'm off, but I need you take care of my patients and here are my paddles to start their hearts just in case." Now when this happend I thought he was crazy but later that night I thought this was the funniest moment that I went through with my family.

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