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Joe Conwell's Autobiography (submitted 5/9/06)

The First Time On Stage
(For Real)

I've always loved singing. My family would tell me that they always knew I had a "thing" for the stage and performing. I want to be an actor when I graduate college; I'm most positively sure about that.

I had been in a play in first grade, but my first time performing on a stage alone was last year when I was in the eigth grade. It was the talent show, and I've been wanting to be in the talent shows since forever. I decided to step up and do it, this year being my last at St. Matt's. Eveyone had always heard me sing and told me I was a great singer.

I auditioned for the talent show and all the judges told me that I was great. This was more encouraging for me. When the time came, I waited in line to perform, and I was crazily nervous. The kids backstage told me that I would do great. I was shaking. Then the act before me has ended, and it was my time to show everyone what I lived for. I went out on stage, and the curtain opened. I couldn't believe how many faces were staring straight at me! It was a funny moment. But then my music played, and I began to sing.

The entire time I was up there, I knew that it was where I wanted to be.

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