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Jillian Jimenez's Autobiography (submitted 5/10/06)

I'm sorry for not being there. I got dragged out here--we used to live in New York but now we live in Philly. You were my mother's mother's sister's daughter and your name was Titi, although I'm not sure how to spell it.

We don't even know exactly what she died of. Family members from New York called up my family from here. My aunt called me and asked what I was doing and that is when she told me that my cousin just passed away.

I think that's the reason I was so sad--because I don't remember her. All I remember was when we were little little, and we used to play with dolls, and listen to music, and eat everything and get on my aunt's nerves.

I think she's going to be buried tomorrow so I will be lighting a candle for her memory.

And I know that my grandmother took it very hard because she raised us since we were babies.

Thanks to my cousin--she opened my eyes to see my children in a different light. Now when I look at and care for my kids I feel that they're the most precious and fragile thing in my whole life.

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