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Joe Gresko's Autobiography (submitted 5/11/06)

U-Can't-Always Get What-U-Want

As A Teenager In the late 60's and 70's, I was influenced by the Sounds of the British Invasion. Especially the Sounds of the Rolling Stones, whose Sounds, Styles and Variations of Music intrigued me to form my own Band Called "Dead Flowers," after the "Rolling Stones" Album entitled "Sticky Fingers." As we performed many of their songs, I'd often dreamed and wished while playing their songs especially "Wild Horses", my Mother's Favorite Song. While the years passed by, in the year 1993, the Stones performed at Veterans Stadium, I decided to design a Top Hat for the show, of which the crowd had noticed the tongue logo on the front. So I decided to get in touch with the Rolling Stones' attorney who issued me a document letter, for the Top Hat. In February 1998 my mother was very ill, and as she was lying on her bed I'd asked her if someday I'd be able to meet the Rolling Stones. And now its March 1999 and that someday arrived. And much to my surprise my wish was granted as I'd made a reservation at our local hotel where I was given a room Between Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood, who spotted my Top Hat, and said, "What a Cool Hat, lad." So after that my friend Dan would ask me if I would make a Hat for other various concerts we've attended. I have been photographed and have met Rock artists such as: The Hooters, Joan Jett and Todd Rundgren and many other Stars, such as the Doors, Grand Funk and Bryan Adams, whose Guitarist wore my hat on stage. My top hat collection totals 100 at Present Time. So always believe in your dream and wishes, For U-Can't Always Get What U-Want, Unless You Truly Believe "Styxx"

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