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Leonora Carr's Autobiography (submitted 5/11/06)

I was born in Philadelphia in 1952.
I have lived in my neighborhood, Bridesburg, all my life.
As a child, I went to all 3 grade schools in my neighborhood, starting first at All Saints, then St. John Cantius and then to the Bridesburg public school.
I enjoyed participating in activities at our local recreation center like the singing group and the swim lessons, but my favorite memories come from the years I was a member of the Girl Scouts.
I became a Girl Scout when I was in the 5th grade in the public school. The troop met every week at the Bridesburg Presbyterian Church. Our leader was Mrs. Guy. She would show us how to do things the Girl Scout way.

My favorite activity was going to Camp Laughing Waters. It was an experience that I have never forgotten.
I learned how to prepare meals for our troop at camp. I learned songs and games at camp that I did not know from any other activities.
I learned skills like tying knots and making safe cooking fires.
I learned how to hike and follow trails and observe nature.
Most important, my visits to camp were always fun and full of adventure.

All these things have made me who I am today. I have continued to be a member of the Girl Scouts as an adult volunteer and I continue to go to Camp Laughing Waters. I want to make sure that it will be available for all girls for years to come.
Girl Scout Camp is a great place to learn and practice skills to help you prepare for the future.
I want to be there with the girls and continue to enjoy having fun at Girl Scout Camp.

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