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Kevin McGrenra's Autobiography (submitted 5/12/06)

On Easter weekend I had a hockey tournament in Lake Placid, New York. In 1980 the USA hockey team faced Russia and won the game to go to the gold medal game. It was called the "Miracle On Ice." I couldn't wait to go up there for the second time.
On Holy Thursday, I woke up, I got ready, and my family and I started to drive up. The long ride took about six hours. When we arrived at the hotel, some of my teamates were there. We brought our bags up to the room. That night we had our first game. My team and I could not wait to play after the long ride. We versed a team from Massachusetts and won nine to two.
The following day, Good Friday, we had two games. Our first game we won two to zero. The second game we versed a team from Canada. We lost ten to one. My team had a chance to play in the gold medal game. All my team had to do was win or tie our last game. We were versing a team from Arizona. The next game was the game we had to win or tie to go to the gold medal game. In the third period of the game we were losing by one goal. With 45 seconds left, my teamate skated down the ice and scored to tie the game. We tied the game and we were going to the gold medal game. In the gold medal game it was an upset. We lost 10 to 1. Even though we lost the game, it was my favorite Easter ever.

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