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Kimberly Jones's Autobiography (submitted 5/12/06)

Broad Street and the Buxom Turtoise

People are passing me by. I feel clueless. Even though I go to spinning class, I'm not in shape for this run. Maybe I should just stop. I'm not good at this. I'm not a runner. I'm in pain, and I want to stop.
Thank goodness I kept my money. I have enough money to get on the train. I could meet everybody at the Naval Base, and cheer for the real runners. Before I am about to quit this race, I look up into the blazing sun. I wipe sweat from my brow, and I turn around. I see a flood of people passing me by. A man juggling and jogging at the same time. I see young, old, disabled, various people trying to achieve the same goal, which is to complete the race.
As they pass me by, I begin to realize this race is for fun. I signed up to help charity not to win a race. I think to myself I can finish the race by walking fast. I begin to look at my feet. I say to myself. I can do it. I begin to hear bystanders and other runners cheering me on. I will not desert The Broad Street Run.
When I finally make it to City Hall, in deliriousness, I say to myself that I own it. I continue to walk briskly. I become strong with every swift step. I hear the other finished runners cheering me on. Even though my time wasn't the greatest, at least I finished it. I'm a champion at heart. I am like the clever tortoise from a famous fable. I embrace life challenges, and I throw self-doubt to the wind.

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