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Kimberly Jones's Autobiography (submitted 5/12/06)

When We Were Rich

While growing up, my father would always try to surprise us. One time he decided to take the whole family to the Drive-in Movie. This is before they got divorced. My siblings and I were excited because we were going to hang out with the whole family.
Before we left, my father gave us each a quarter to buy our favorite snacks from the store. My sister bought a Slim Jim stick with her twenty-five cents. My brother purchased Pop-Rocks, and I bought a Chico Stick. We thought we were rich because we had extra money to spend.
When we left for the movies, my brother took his Evil Knieval doll with him. He used to take that thing everywhere. My sister and I entertained ourselves by talking to each other in the back seat. My father focused on the road, while my mother read directions from a piece of crumbled paper. My siblings and I tried to stay up for the long ride, but we fell asleep. We were awoken by my father's hand shaking us by our shoulders. When I woke up, I noticed the warm summer air had turned cool, and the strong sun had disappeared from the sky. I saw a sea of cars surrounding us. Some people were sitting on top of their cars, and some people were in lawn chairs. When I recall this memory now, I remember my father having a glow on his face as if he felt like a hero to his family. The movie we saw that night was a little flick called Star Wars. As I anticipate the DVD release of this movie, it brings back warm, rich memories for me.

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