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Tiffany Farris's Autobiography (submitted 5/15/06)


At the age of thirteen, my life changed. My mom started doing drugs and she left me to care for my three brothers and two sisters. I got arrested for hitting a teacher in the face after someone else provoked me to do it and was sent to different juvenile facilities off and on for four years. During this time I accepted Islam as my religion, because all of my friends were Muslim. But as time went on, the more knowledge I got about the religion, the more sincere I became. The last of the four years I was in juvenile, I took off my garbs because I thought I was missing out on the fun other girls my age were having, messing with boys and drinking and drugging. I didn't listen to my grandma when she told me to finish high school and go to college. She was the only person who cared about me. I let her down. After having two kids by two different men, I started getting back into Islam and then I got introduced to and later married a religious man who really loves me and my two boys. He helped me to stop drinking and he respects me a lot for giving it up. We struggled to get where we are today. I just thank God I'm here. Growing up for me wasn't easy. I lost a lot of friends to the streets. I overcame drugs, the streets and dealing with an addict for a mom. I'm proud of myself. I just had my third child (a baby girl.) I'm married to a good man and I have a nice clean place to stay. What more can I ask for?

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