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Rachel Edmonds's Autobiography (submitted 5/15/06)

The truth about me

I love the sound of birds singing. I love the calmness of an empty trolley. I love when the school is empty. I love the sound of a badminton birdie when it's fresh out of the box. I love fruit smoothies. I love to walk down town aimlessly. I love to do spontaneous things. I love writing with a fountain pen. I love the sound of a fountain pen. I love lying down late at night listening to music. I love day-dreaming. I love creating poems while I walk down the street. I love the smell of my neighborhood.
I am beautiful. I am my hair. I am a little black girl. I am the girl who raises her hand to every question. I am the person who is hungry for knowledge. I am hungry for strength. I am a stranger among many. I am lost in a cause. I am the girl who is not sure about life. I am a picture that is passed from one hand to the next. I am a face with the same expression. I am me. I love me.

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