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Martin Moon's Autobiography (submitted 5/16/06)

After many years of waiting and hoping, my dream had finally come true. I was in a delighted trance, and I still remember every moment.
I was sitting on the side of the boat with my back facing the ocean, weighed down by my heavy gear. I was supposed to fall backward into the water, and start sinking toward the bottom. I was nervous. Scared that something would go wrong. Worried that when I flipped and fell backward, I would hit my head on the side of the boat and black out. Despite my fears I wanted to try it.
Stiff as a board, I leaned myself backward. All of a sudden I lost my balance and with a huge splash was in the water, upside down. I knew that I had entered the water correctly, but it was still a shock. I took my first steadying breath of oxygen from the scuba tank on my back, which had suddenly lost all of its weight when I entered the water. The air rushed into my lungs, far more powerfully than I could have breathed above water. I felt like a balloon being forced to quickly inflate. I was happy.
Five feet under the water, I took a look around. It was beautiful. The water was a perfect postcard turquoise. There were enormous sponges and other types of coral, and the reef had a velvety bed of fine sand.
There was a school of brightly colored fish contentedly gliding toward me. When the thousands of fish reached me, they enveloped my body in a little bubble of water and passed me by as if I was just another reef.
I was in Heaven.

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