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It sounded like a dying leopard. At the same time, my friend Maddy and I shot bolt up right terrified as to what was making that noise. We looked at one another in concern and curiosity. We tried to go back to bed, but it was hard. Whatever it was wouldn't shut up. I snoozed off and on. The next day we had found out that the noise had been coming from a pestering Howler Monkey, and that they howled every morning from 4:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. Wonderful, just wonderful, Maddy and I thought as we heard the news.
We were in the rain forest of Costa Rica. Maddy and her mom had been kind enough to invite me along. After our disgusting breakfast, which was served in the house, because there wasn't eenough people to create a menu. Maddy and I would trot off through the rain forest. We went bare footed. We stumbled, tripped, and cursed while walking down the path. The path took us to the beach, which was deserted and ongoing with no end. The air was crisp, and the ocean was a sanctuary of fantasy. Maddy and I both darted for the ocean. The water was healing and relaxing.
Later we went waterfall rapeling. I was the first one to go down the big one. The water splashed my face--it was refreshing. I was rapeling down a forty-foot waterfall in the rain forest of Costa Rica. I felt like an explorer. I felt like Napoleon, but not. Instead of conquering countries, I conquered a waterfall. The rain forest felt like a home I never knew. I will always keep its beauty with me.

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