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Dirtk Allen's Autobiography (submitted 5/16/06)

Who am I?

One simple word. Interchangable.

Description? 6'2", 180 pounds, short brown hair, green eyes. Forty-one years old and single.

What else? Love to travel--work for an airline, in fact--and enjoy sports and working out.

Missing something?

Yeah, I am gay. And my coming-out story is reflective of who I am.

My parents are from a small town in Ohio. A conservative, Republican, WASPy-blend. We didn't discuss our feelings. I never recall being told that I was loved, but I knew I was.

I was the 'baby' of the family. A sister and brother, twelve and eight years older. My father played professional football, my mother was a swimming instructor. Serious 'jock stock.'

I played every sport growing up through high school, but was a better student. In college, I joined and lived in a fraternity, and dated women--no one would've thought I might be gay.

Moms know. Mine did.

After graduating, I planned to move to the West Coast. For a fresh start, and to come out.

One evening before my departure, Mom approached me and wanted to 'talk.' Gulp. She needed to let me know that I didn't have to move 3,000 miles away for fear of them not understanding or dealing with my sexuality. I held back tears and thanked her for her courage in asking me.

I then pleaded with her to NOT tell my father. She said she had to. They went out to dinner the next night, and I stayed in, dreading the reaction. Dad came in the house first and hugged me. He told me he loved me. It remains one of the most moving moments of my life.

Who I am? A good man shaped by unconditional love and support.

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