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Nerys Candelario's Autobiography (submitted 5/16/06)

Can We Commit?

I dedicate this autobiography to the man who has changed my life. He helped me in my struggles, coming from an abusive relationship. He took on someone else's responsibility, made it his own. He accepted me. He accepted my child. I appreciate that he dealt with most of my issues. I appreciate that he loved me enough to give me two more children.

I appreciate that he makes us feel safe. He calms them down when they are sick, or having an asthma attack. When they cannot find a breath, he is the first to his feet to get their machine, tending to their needs, making them feel at ease. I am very grateful that he has done so much for us financially, despite the fact that he is not obligated to do so.

You've gone this far and dedicated your life, invested your time to this family. Why not take the next step and secure this bond? Commit to this. Commit to us. You've been a father and a protector. Be my husband. Now and forever.

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