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Tom Warner's Autobiography (submitted 5/16/06)

My life has been and is a wonder. I attempt to drink each distilled drop of it slowly into my being as if to allow the very taste of it linger in my thoughts. The people, sights and sounds of it all overwhelm me each and every day. Life is like a good motion picture where each scene is scrutinized and enjoyed. I rarely think of the end of it. It will come soon enough. As I grow older and my sight grows dim and the sounds more muffled, I cherish all life that surrounds me. Every time I see a baby, I smile, knowing that I am part of a very long chain. As the days quicken, I am constantly turning my head and attempting to grasp each moment into me as if I will be taking it beyond the grave. I love to take photographs as if they were something that will stop time. In a way they do. Yet time stops for no one, not even me. As my journey continues, I find that when I look back, I have no regrets. As my years grow, I know that my pains will grow more noticeable and my physical strength will grow weaker. Above it all, I know that life is something that cannot even be explained, but lived.

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