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Chalise Saunders's Autobiography (submitted 5/16/06)

Finally! A chance to say what I, the child, the girl, the fourteen-year-old, wants to know! All my life I was told that I understood nothing. I still live in this make-believe world. I haven't experienced the hardships of life! But now, no one can stop me! What I want to know is why should a judge tell me what to do every two weekends of my life? They must have gone over to "Ye Olde Daddy's house" to scout out the area. You know, make sure it's a kid's area. They must have missed the simple fact that he's a drunk! They must have liked the noises of Father's girlfriend's "Ursula" cackling over the phone fifteen hours a day. Screaming the same old tired term, "Holla!" Seriously, who says that anymore? Maybe the judge likes the smell of tobacco smoke with a hint of every known hard liquor and beer. That's a perfect smell for kids! What about the simple fact that I know that everyone has slept in my bed but me! Drunks, come one, come all to "Ye Olde Daddy's" Tavern. But I'm forced to sleep there. Maybe that judge just got a bit tipsy and slept there too! That judge must really love it over there. After all, I do have to go there every two weeks until I'm eighteen! Maybe I'm the idiot who thinks it's not safe over there. I'm the one that deals with it but apparently the judge knows more. I guess I have to die from a overdose of beer for the judge to say, "Hm. Maybe I was wrong." But what I want to know obviously doesn't matter in the courtroom. After all, I'm just a child. A girl. A fourteen-year-old.

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