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Maryann pastore Pastore's Autobiography (submitted 5/16/06)

I REMEMBER as a child in the early '40s hearing the sirens and airplanes overhead. Grandmom went to the windows and pulled down the dark green shades and turned out the lights. My brother and I were ushered under the dining room table. The block warden would later come into our house and go into the cellar to check if we were prepared to put out fires in case of a bombing. We had a gallon drum of sand, and I don't recall what else. I remember grandmom saying the rosary. We waited in silence 'til the all clear was given, though I don't recall what that was.

I REMEMBER a few years later, still during WWll, our family physician, Dr. Zimmerman, was called off to the war. His replacement was Dr. Hyrata. And we were the German family they cared for.
In North Philadelphia, there was no war. The Jewish doctor, the Japanese doctor, and the German patients got along splendidly. We loved each other.

I REMEMBER the fifties as truly the happy days. Flying through the streets on our roller skates, the metal skates that required the skate key worn around the neck. Jumping rope to the sing-song rhymes. Double-dutch. Going to Delagusso's for an ice-cream cone on a hot afternoon, because we didn't have freezers in the ice box.

I REMEMBER in the late Fifties, following Grace Kelly's engagement and wedding to the most minute detail. It was the perfect time for impressionable sixteen year old girls.

This year, 2006, her wedding gown is displayed for, most probably, the last time. I shall take my granddaughters to see it, and share with them some other memories of my attending the reception for Queen Elizabeth II.

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