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Jamilah Matthews's Autobiography (submitted 5/16/06)

Born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on April 20, 1989, I, Jamilah Matthews, was destined to be exceptional. As a toddler, I was very astute. I learned how to add three-digit numbers by the age of two. Then, on November 29, 1991, my twin brother and sister were born. I had to take the responsibility of being a big sister. I handled the job very well. I always held them, ensured that they were fed, and pushed them in the stroller. Life, for me, was going splendidly. However, sadly in 1994, my mother and father divorced and we, my mother and siblings, were forced to move to Philadelphia, where I started my education.
I attended B.B. Comegys elementary school from Kindergarten to 5th grade. I graduated with honors and proceeded to the intimidating life of Junior High School. I attended Shaw Junior High School for the 6th grade only. Shaw was terrifying; there were fights every day, which made it impossible to learn. Therefore, I transferred to the very prestigious Hamilton Magnet School. At Hamilton, I suddenly became lazy and failed most of my classes. There were so many opportunities for me to do well, but I passed them all. Therefore, when I graduated, I had to go to the neighborhood high school, George Washington High School. Washington was excessively similar to Shaw; therefore, to avoid making the same mistakes again, I transferred to George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science. Carver was the golden ticket for me; somehow, it changed my ways. I went from getting Cs and Ds to getting straight As.
Now, as a junior at Carver, I have taken advantage of many opportunities and that has put me at the top of my class. I have a 4.0 G.P.A. and colleges waiting at my door.

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