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Keyana Hayes's Autobiography (submitted 5/17/06)

I am a twenty-four year old women who has a son that is four years old. I'm trying to better myself for him so when he gets older he doesn't have to go through some of the things that I had to go through.
Right now I'm in OIC at Broad and Thompson working on getting my GED. I wanna take up a trade so I can get me a steady job to support my son and myself. When I was little my grandparents on my dad's side raised me. When I was about eight years old my grandmom passed away. When I was about thirteen my grandpop passed. Ever since then things weren't the same. I moved in with my aunt after that and basically things got out of control. I stopped going to school and everything and now I look at my life--I could have done alot better than I have done.
Now I'm at a part of my life were I want bigger and better things, 'cause I have a son and I want him to have more than I've had. I am going through alot of things right now in my life but whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I know I'm gonna get through these hard times; I just have to take it one day at a time. When I'm down my son lifts my spirits back up again. At least I know I always can count on him no matter what.

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