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Urvee Vadiwala's Autobiography (submitted 5/17/06)

Things were hectic, my parents frantically trying to find a parking spot in front of Myers, my freshmen year residental hall. Funny how four years of high school doesn't prepare you for the reailty of college life. They forget to tell you how to adapt to a completely different environment, and instead fill your mind with useless terminology that we'll never come across again. So yeah, back to my story. There I stand, with the car almost unloaded, glancing at the mass crowd gathered in the lobby of Myers. I grew confused, but overcame it when a friendly face approached me and asked me my name. At first glance, he didn't look like the type of person who was willingly trying to engage in a conversation with me, but I was wrong. He questioned me about my first impression of Drexel and proceeded to ask me questions about myself. Not knowing who this individual was, I make my way up to 381, a place where I would begin my new life. He opened the door and began to show me the new furniture that was installed and asked me if I needed anything. As he was leaving, I reluctantly turn around and question, "Yes, I do need something, what's your name?" As he continues to laugh uncontrollably, he says "Brett," he was my residental advisor. After my first step into the room, I make several trips up and down three floors, since Myers isn't spoiled with a single elevator, unlike the other four dorms. Finally, when everything was upstairs, I hear the door knob turning. My future roomate had finally arrived and we both gradually got settled in, about to embark on uncharted territory, at least that's how we saw it.

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