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Kathy Guzman's Autobiography (submitted 5/17/06)

One sunny spring day, my mom woke me up suddenly because we were going to New York City! You do not know how surprised I was!

It was so much fun in New York City! My Aunt Maria and her kids took me to a show where the actors talked to each other, sang and danced. It was magic. All the people in the audience were quiet.

Then, I stayed overnight in my cousin's room and we talked and laughed about the time that my aunt forgot to pull down the seat in the bus center. She went right to the floor, but she wasn't hurt.

The next day we went bowling in New York City, far from my aunt's house. We joked in the car. I bowled, but I fell because the ball was heavy.

I'll always remember that surprise time in New York City. I'll never forget that spring day. Spring is here again and I hope it will be a good one like those spring days in New York City.

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