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Joel Cintron's Autobiography (submitted 5/17/06)

The 6th Time I Went to Puerto Rico

When I got off U.S. Airlines from Philly, I was so excited about being in Puerto Rico to see my other grandmom and my great-grandmom. My Uncle Alberto drove us to my other grandmom's house in his minivan. When I arrived in Catano, I hugged my other grandmom. When I came in the house and looked around, I saw my Cousin Rolito. I saw my Aunt Carmen and I saw Nana. My other cousins came by and we started playing baseball in the front yard.

A few days later, we started swimming in the big pool of Uncle Alberto in the backyard. I had to peel my nose skin off and I got a suntan.

Then, we drove to Aguadilla to see my great-grandmother and my Cousin Joel. We even saw my aunt next door to my great-grandmother's house. The dad of my Cousin Joel owns a dog on a farm and five horses. I rode a horse and it was so relaxing. The hairs of the horse felt real soft.

I was sad when I came back on the plane to go to Philly and eventually to Camden. My Grandpa took me back to my house. I went to my backyard and I kissed my rabbit, Spirit.

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