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Randy Swiren's Autobiography (submitted 4/6/06)

"Fame by 40!" is my mantra...!!

Greetings!...While born and raised in the Philadelphia area (Delaware County), my goals and dreams have always been "fame and fortune."

So, before my 40th birthday, I set out to achieve these goals, by first exploring acting/entertainment opportunities in Philadelphia, then going to NYC, followed by my trek to LA for more than a year, with Vegas therafter.

Within a year or so, I became a member of SAG, while acting in many film, T.V., commercial and industrial projects...even doing improv/dinner theatre!

Most proud, though, of life changing outlook on taking risks and trying to live without having 'regrets'...<even have a great 'boy meets girl story' that was previously featured in the Inquirer a few years back..>

Further, via my weight-loss and exercise/walking program, (-65 pounds in approx 6 months,staying within 10 pounds of that for more than 2.5 years, until a recent 20 pound gain, but I will lose that!...LOL) my health has improved and I feel better about myself.

So, what will happen in my next 43 years?...Who knows?..We'll see when I compose 'part II' of this autobiography years hence...But I hope it is always interesting, creative, unique...and it will always be centered with my "Philly region roots"...thanks...take care...Randy

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