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Anna Shoemaker's Autobiography (submitted 5/17/06)

When it comes to the world, I'm terrified, scared to death of what it might do to me. Not just the pain of the pressures of society but the real pain like being shot by a mugger, or hit by a car. When I was nine I was run over by a lawn mower. I lay there screaming for help, but after a few minutes I realized no one could hear, and had to do this one on my own. So I crawled up to the neighbors, dragging my cut up broken leg behind me. Many people tell me how I'm such a trooper and must have been so strong to have gotten through it, but the truth is, I'm not. I'm just another scared lost helpless little girl, and I was not the one that pulled myself to safety. God did. After being run over I realized, though I had already been a Christian for a few years before this, that I was not alone that day, and am never alone any day. God is always with me and when I am too weak to carry myself he carries me. On that day when I thought no one would hear my cries, well, someone did hear, and I did not have to do it on my own.

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