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Audrey Barnes's Autobiography (submitted 4/7/06)

My funniest/most embarrassing moment:

AAAAHHHHH, Summertime! Here I was in North Carolina enjoying what I thought was small town atmosphere because, of course, I was from big town Philly! My cousins, Kim (also from Philly) and Deidre (from North Carolina) and I were playing with Deidre's Easy Bake Oven. Deidre was 13, I was 12 and Kim was 11. I had found out that people actually ate frog legs and wanted to try to cook some. We got out the flour, seasonings and a pan. Keep in mind I had absolutely no idea how to prepare frog legs! We went out hunting. Finally we caught a frog. I swear this thing was so big it had to be a bullfrog! (Now that I think about had to be tiny, funny what memory does to you). No one thought about the fact that frog legs were from dead frogs! We actually dusted the frog with flour and seasonings and then we went outside and realized that the opening to the oven was little more than an enlarged slit! Well, we CRAMMED the frog in to that slit and started the oven up. Well you can guess what happened...the poor frog exploded! We all ran in different directions. Later that evening, Deidre's father, a reverend, who was a very gentle man, chastised Deidre and Kim and I just stood there with our big eyes looking innocent, like butter wouldn't melt in our mouths. Of course, the Easy Bake Oven was thrown out!

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