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Brian Chang's Autobiography (submitted 5/17/06)

When I was young, I was sitting in my home, looking at the view of Victoria Harbor. Suddenly, I saw a machine flying up and going away. I felt it was amazing and wondered what that was. My dad told me it was an airplane. This was the first time I knew about airplanes. When I was six, I traveled to Taipei, Taiwan. When the plane arrived at the runway and started taking off, I saw my home. It went away from my sight when the plane climbed up and went through the clouds. All these things at that moment were amazing and I could not believe that I was flying in the sky!
This was what my life started. Airplanes give me evidence to learn English because you can only communicate in English when you are working in aerospace; airplanes led me to travel in different places like Korea, Canada, Thailand, Japan and Taiwan; and airplanes led my dad and me to study in foreign countries. There are so many things that I can do with airplanes.
Now, the airplane has traveled to Westtown School. It was a big step to see the world. In addition, being in Westtown became my biggest adventure ever. Everything was new for me because this was my first time being in U.S. and being a boarding student. Although I was a boy scout in Hong Kong and went camping so many times, I have to change myself a little bit to fit in the American school. For example, I have to learn how to study efficiently without help.
I love airplanes so much that I want to travel through the world. However, because I have bad eyes, all of my dreams about being a pilot cannot be true. Therefore, I might be an aircraft engineer instead.

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