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Donna Moody's Autobiography (submitted 4/7/06)

As a child, in my days of wonderment when the sun shone its brightest (my Dr. Doolittle days!) I was given many gifts of animal nature: to play with, to learn of nurture, to discover. To hold my Panda bear, black as coal and white as snow. And knowing what the Three Bears were like and Winnie the Pooh. A gerbil that was to me like Ben and Socrates in the Movie "Ben." A small alligator I had to get rid of because family feared for their lives. A lizard with a tongue so long it was fascinating to watch it forage for food and eat. An ant farm that toiled like no man; the ants worked together and sent out the strongest and stepped on the weakest. A puppy which I adored. I loved his eyes, his baby-like tendencies, so helpless. But he'd follow you around and yap and bark. I turned my animals around, inspected them from head to toe to learn what made them tick. The marvels of a child who could be well-mannered or a monster! Dr. Doolittle ended her trek with most of the animals headed to other homes. I was told I had too many, but my love for them was great.

In my teen years, I picked up tools of carpentry, remade skates, created blinds for my windows and a book shelf. I also made my very own tree house: a place to hide from my siblings, a place to fall into my favorite characters - superheroes, cartoons or real people.

I became a homeless woman but found necessity is the mother of invention. My past allowed strength to come. All things being equal, my hope would rise again in my past success.

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