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Marguerite Ferra's Autobiography (submitted 5/17/06)

Yikes, it's almost the end of the school year. Not that I'm counting down. But, it's the end of the school day and another teacher just told me, "Twenty-six!"

It's a crazy time of year--testing for the English Language Learners that I teach, not to mention the spring concert, math project, social studies project, Young Author's Project, Teacher's Academy! But, it's the time of year that I feel a bit sad that I might not see my students again after June. Many will move up to other schools in Camden or move on to other cities.

It's now, in May, that I feel that I've REALLY gotten to know and to appreciate them. We've studied nouns and verbs, read together during 100 Book Challenge, drew the water cycle, learned that Ben Franklin invented bifocals and wrote essays, stories and poems.

Writing this year proved to be the high point for my fifth-graders. Eager to tell their stories, real or imagined, they wrote every night in their composition books. Their sincere and honest stories of coming to Camden from Mexico and the Caribbean, living their daily lives in Camden and enjoying learning and friendship in our Lanning Square School, well, it sounds corny, but they touched me.

They read each other's writings with quiet interest, dignity and respect. Their writing skills in English improved and that made me happy and it made them happy.

It's been a lovely year and I almost hate for it to end. I'll never forget this year's students. Who knows if they'll remember me? Probably. I remember those who taught me in the fifties and sixties in Camden.

I must say God bless those teachers and God bless all my students!

And, God bless only 27 days left!

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