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Brandi Cavanaugh's Autobiography (submitted 5/17/06)


Some people might think of a struggle as being a bad thing. I think of a struggle as being positive and motivating for myself. Growing up, my mother introduced me to different kinds of struggles; seeing different obstacles forced me to see the world evenly. By knowing where I came from and where I can go, I know where I do not want to be. In recovery, these ideas are important. Now, I am able to deal with life on life's terms.

Setting short and long term goals based around these challenges has been rewarding for me. I was able to handle my own battles when needed. I think that has lead me to hold on to all of the pain and hurt that I have experienced, and deal with it correctly. I had to learn how to pray, ask for help and how to talk about things. By dealing with these changes in my life, I was able to identify and relate to different situations. I was able to be a shoulder to lean on, and have people come and talk to me. These actions can lead a person to appreciate your conversations as well as "your ear."

When I look back and reflect on my challenges, I know I do not want my future to look like my past. This inspires me to make sure my life will reflect the better side of my struggles. I did not run from challenges; I lived through them.

If I ever experience any of these barriers again, I will look at them head on and not turn the other way. Now, I am just grateful that I can live today and appreciate everything that God sends my way!

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