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Arpi Derderian's Autobiography (submitted 5/17/06)

Who am I? I am defined as Caucasian. It means I am labeled as white, but I do not look white, my skin color is actually a little tan. I fill the bubble that corresponds to white, does that make it official? Truly, I am an Armenian-American and that is not an option, however, I am here, and I exist. In life you will encounter some moments that have no explanation. What does white mean, what does it stand for? How can the word white describe me? I do not know how or why, it just is.
Who am I? I am a sister, a cousin, and a friend. I am Armenian Apostolic and am very proud of my heritage. I can read, write and speak Armenian, and I hope to pass what I know on to my children, but I still appreciate living in America as opposed to Armenia, a third world country. I am a student here at Drexel University majoring in Nursing. I am very passionate about becoming a nurse, and I realize that will only be if I study these next five years and do my absolute best. However I cannot predict the future, nor should I dwell on the past, so I do not really know anything. I mean, I can keep on telling you about my past experiences or things I hope for in the future. However that is all it is, hope. I could very well die tomorrow and that is not something I am hoping for, however it is the truth. Life just is what it is and I am who I am and there is nothing that can change that, I think.

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