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George Anthos's Autobiography (submitted 5/18/06)

I was born in the USA to Greek parents, in Yonkers, N.Y.

School Education:
First & third grades were poor and I was left back. High School was Bayside High. I passed all my grades; one teacher said I wasn't college material.

After High School:
I decided to go to Canada to try and make the hockey teams. This didn't work out due to an injury. I decided to go to a good college. Pace University accepted me. I majored in marketing, and graduated in three years instead of four years due to Army draft.

At age 22 the U.S. Army called for my service. After basic training I was sent to Korea to run the finance office for Battalion #809. We had several conflicts and a number of bombings. I returned to good old USA in October, 1953. I had a nervous breakdown and I was hospitalized for excess stress. I eventually received an honorable discharge.

I was a civilian again at age 25. Trouble was, I couldn't hold any jobs due to my condition. I married in 1955, and went to Canada to ski (that was 50 years ago.)

I had a terrible set back on my stress condition and made two attempts at suicide. V.A. helped me to get back on my feet again. I eventually got back to full-time work in commercial insurance.

Utica Mutual (4 years)
Alexander & Alexander Co. (4 years)
Merchants & Business Men's Mutual (19 years)

1995: I retired. I helped people to overcome their nervousness (over 15 years) with ice dancing, skiing, tap dancing, Greek dancing.

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