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Richard Murray's Autobiography (submitted 4/11/06)

My life began in the great city of Philadelphia where history, culture and the ethnic melting pot are plentiful and diverse. Like most big cities there is death and destruction through drug addiction and alcoholism. I have lost so much in my life that I should feel unemotional and saddened.

I lost my mother in a horrific car accident back in July 2000 along with 4 other passengers in the same vehicle. I lost my father due to a long illness shortly after the death of my mother. My parents were a big part of my life and I looked up to them for friendship, guidance and support. I am fortunate nevertheless because I have a close bond with my sister and brother who fill the void as we are extremely close to one another.

I was not sure what my future would hold until the day I received a letter from Septa. The letter was a great opportunity for me that would change my life. I had a chance at feeling renewed and joyful. I never thought I would be a conductor for Septa. I enjoy my job with Septa very much. I never realized this job would make my life better. I found a wonderful career with Septa and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity. I thank you Septa for giving me a chance and taking me into your great organization.

R.D. Murray

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