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Charlotte Wilson's Autobiography (submitted 4/11/06)

When I answered a personal ad, I hoped to meet a nice guy. Didn't count on a T.V. crew, a newspaper & federal authorities contacting me. Especially, having to visit The Secret Service.

The man who placed the ad was a white collar criminal, a first class con-artist, known in several states and soon to be in federal prison, with my help.

We dated for a year, and I had more info. than was necessary to write a book.

With that ad, my life changed dramatically. Also, 800+ people who read my ads when I started a discussion group.

I waited until HE was safely incarcerated, and then advertised for people who made horrendous choices in dating and relationships.

People from all walks of life came to my H.U.G.S. discussions. Meetings were in churches & restaurants in center city. One Xmas eve, I did a group in a shelter of a church. Humble pie was served along with many confessions from 35 people who would ordinarily be alone for the holidays.

My topics varied: discussing the film Indecent Proposal lasted for one month!!

Why bright women go for bad boys and would rather be in a miserable, abusive relationship than be alone, was another heavy duty topic.

At the beginning of each group, I said "I am an advertising copywriter, NOT a doctor NOT a shrink."
That statement was usually ignored.

Most who attended the group, liked getting opinions from other people with similar problems and realizing MISERY NEEDS COMPANY!!

I recently wrote a book selecting 25 colorful, compelling people who attended my meetings.

I hope you'll read, laugh and love it!

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