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Antonio Albright's Autobiography (submitted 5/23/06)

The Thing I Carry rnrn The main thing I carry is my cell phone.rnThe reason I carry my cell phone is if something is wrong, I could call home. If there was a fire or gang war in school, I could call home. If I was hurt and had to go to the hospital, they could look in my phone and get my home, grandma's, aunt's or my uncle's number and call to let them know where I am. What if an important phone call come through and someone told me my mom, grandma or a family member died? If I would not have had this thing to carry, it would have been a sad day when I got home. That's why I carry this thing. The phone is a T-Mobile Nokia phone. It's gray, silver and black. It has a camera and little screen outside that tells you who is calling, and a picture of my mom is on it. When you open the phone, the numbers light up blue. It has a big screen saver of my cousin and ex-girlfriend. The volume button is on the left side of the phone and there is another button on the right side that takes pictures.

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