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Mercedees Bradley's Autobiography (submitted 5/31/06)

Did I ever tell you the time when I went hunting? It was really fun. When I go hunting, I shoot deer and bears. The people that I go hunting with are my god-dad, godbrother, sister and me. I like going hunting with my family. I was kind of scared but my family was right there so I had nothing to worry about. There were big bears, bugs, deer and spider webs.The webs kept getting in my hair. When I went hunting the weather was kind of warm but the weatherman said it was going to rain but it never did. I went in July 17, 2005, on my birthday, at night time. When I went hunting I had on a fitted hat, long gaucho jeans,a half-white jacket with a black shirt under it and a pair of $50.00 shoes. Now you heard my exciting story about the time when I went hunting, tell me about yours!!!!

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