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Darnise Reed's Autobiography (submitted 5/31/06)

My Most Embarrassing Moment

This is the most embarrassing thing in my life I am writing right now. I am embarrassed to share, but here is my story.

It was a Saturday in the Summer when me and my family took a trip to Six Flags. It started out fun, but I had no idea it was not going to end that way. On the last ride I promised to go on with my brother (who is 6 years old) even though it was the merry-go-round. I went around, not exactly happy, but I kept my promise. As soon as I got off, my foot got caught, I fell, and part of my pants fell down, my underwear showed. I got back up and tried to play it off, but it was too late. I could tell almost everyone saw. After that I wanted to leave.

Well, I left after that and was very embarrassed, but it turns out that day, so my sister tells me, if it was a lie or not it made my day. This was my most embarrassing moment.

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