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Shakeira Walton's Autobiography (submitted 5/31/06)

My Trip to Dorney Park

Did I ever tell you about when I went to Dourney Park? I went last summer with my mom, dad, sister, brother, and all of my cousins and my grandma. We stayed until about 9:00 pm. We went to the water park, plus we got on about seven rollercosters and we brought all the funnelcake. It was so good! My grandma just took my little brother, cousin, and sister to the little kids' park . But they wanted to go to the water park. When we went into the big black tunnel I was so scared, and when we came out I fell in all the water! It was cold. Then my bathing suit top fell off because my cousin was playing too much, but luckily we went to the deep part so anyone wouldn't see me. I got her back because I pushed her in the hotel hot tub.

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