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Kiara Medley's Autobiography (submitted 6/2/06)

What I Carry
What I mostly carry in my pocket is money, somtimes it is a lot and other times it is not. Like when am going somewhere, I may carry a lot of money in my pocket. Other days I may only carry a little bit of change. And I may carry big bills or little bills.
When my mother gives me money I am really happy, because she does not give me money every day. It is not a lot. I am only getting $2.00 or $2.50. I only get $2.50 if am good.
Sometimes I may save my money. If I save my money I will be putting it in my savings account. My savings account is an envelope that my grandma holds for me. With my money that I saved, I am going to buy something that I really need.
Money has traveled everywhere. When I go to the store and I buy something they give me my change back. I do not know where the money cames from. So therefore my money travels every where.
One day I when to K-Mart, I had $100.00. I was thinking to myself "Do not lose the money." Guess what? I lost it! I was so mad that my money was gone and it was time to leave the store. I looking everywhere, one more time. It was in my back pocket! Now I've learned my lesson: always check in all your pockets.

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