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Julia Galetti's Autobiography (submitted 8/18/06)

To the masses of people and the children of the star trek generation, I dedicate this biographical narration. I was born in Williamsport, PA, in 1952 and live in Philly. I grew up in a town that I call a bowl of confusion as well as this one. Now I live alone. I will die alone. My last known address will be Wildwood cemetery. I have lived a full life as a Christian so far. I am a perpetual student and enjoy the fact of it. It is my total life. Higher education means not high students. I believe a mind really is a terrible thing to waste so I don't waste it: don't wind up at the house of the rising sun, don't get in the hassle of your life, don't do wrong, do right - you are better off. I live in the ram jam city here but truly I am a valley girl. I write books and term papers often. I am an artist, like all my line a poetess, and take advantage of opportunity and empowerment. Yhank you for your time and thank you for the grant leeway. Philly, thank you for 1523 Fairmount school, laud it, and accolades to Philly for this project - have many more. Yours truly, Julia Elaine Galetti

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