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John Oliver Mason's Autobiography (submitted 4/12/06)

I came to Philadelphia in September 1981, from a small town with narrow minds and limited opportunities. Coming to Philadelphia was like coming to Mecca - a place for a new start. I took classes at Temple University, finally achieving a Bachelor's degree in History. I learned about parts of the world, along with learning about myself and what I can do. Earlier in life, no-one would give me a break, I was kicked around and bullied by everyone around me. I made my escape in books - my only safe haven was in my mind. I had a rough start in Philadelphia. My first home was a two room apartment at 22nd and Fitzwater Streets, without furniture but a big paint can and some mattresses. Since then, after 25 years, I have a solid job, good friends, and a positive future. I could have given up - and gone back to the nowhere town and endured. It took strength of will in me plus making good friends to make it to this place.

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