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Delton Tyrone Clark's Autobiography (submitted 4/18/06)

"The Delton Clark Story"
Where can I start this unexpected passage into discovery? My family is not different, we have our ups and downs but when it was all said and done we loved each other. I was born in Yuma, Arizona, and raised between Georgia and Philadelphia. My existence was a happy event, so I thought. I have additional brothers and a sister. Meeting all of them was very interesting but it didn't come without reservations. I was born on November 19, 1966, right in the middle of some war that the country was going through. I never got a chance to experience racism because my family shielded me from that negativity. As I said earlier, I was raised down South. Southern Living wasn't that bad and in time I got really use to that life style. The reason that this little boy ended up in the Country was because at the time my Grandmother felt that me being with my mother and father during one of their heated discussions would do me no Good So guess what? Lumber City, Georgia, here I come. I stayed down South for 3 or 4 years and by the time I returned to Philadelphia, I had A Southern Accent and all. Now mind you, a fat little kid coming from that town made for interesting theater. Kids made fun of me but I got over it. School wasn't a bad thing - I did okay. I attended several schools including A Job Corp Center, that was interesting. The Job Corp Center was sort of a training ground for life. I wound up doing 16 months in that place. But doing 16 months there wasn't too bad, because they payed you. They call it readjustment money. It's supposed to help you adjust to society. It was doing this time that I recieved some bad news my Mother had ...

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