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Ismael Vasquez's Autobiography (submitted 4/22/06)

My name is Ismael. I was born in Puerto Rico. I have four brothers and three sisters. When I was six months old my family moved to Philadelphia and later Detroit and Connecticut.
When I was growing up, my friends and I had interesting hobbies. One of the most unique was making our own go-carts. Football and bike riding were also popular with my friends and me.
Throughout my life I have held a variety of jobs. Lucky for me, family support was always close to my place of employment.
My first summer job was at the YMCA. During my time in Detroit I worked in a Mexican restaurant with my sister and brother. When I moved to Connecticut, I worked as a lock manufacturer, and a window manufacturer.
When I returned to Philadelphia, I worked at Frank's Beverage Company. My responsibility was delivering soda in various neighborhoods. I am proud to say that I also worked at the Sansom Streety Oyster House, which to this day is one of the most popular restaurants in Center City Philadelphia.
Currently I am living in Philadelphia with two daughters. I have moved around a lot throughout my life, and have worked in many different places. I appreciate the working skills that I have developed.

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